• This card can be used to return non-Insect monsters so you can Special Summon "Mother Spider".
  • This card works against opponent's that want to Special Summon "Dark Armed Dragon". Conversely, it can also help to align your own Graveyard by removing extra DARK monsters to get exactly three DARK monsters in the Graveyard.
  • This card may be useful in a "Superheavy Samurai" deck; this card is banished after it resolves, so this will not harm those monsters' strategy, since many of their effects need you to have no Spell/Trap Cards in the Graveyard in order to be activated.
  • Despite its more strategic uses, this card is also very useful for retrieving a card the opponent had either destroyed, negated or discarded from your hand via battle, card effect etc.
  • This card can help in a Madolche deck, if your monsters are tributed or discarded to the Graveyard.

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