Traditional Format

  • This card can be useful in Decks that fill up the Graveyard quickly, like "Fabled", "Dark World" and "Koa'ki Meiru" Decks.
    • This card is very handy in a "Lightsworn" Deck. This card helps forestall decking out and gets some extra cards in the hand in the process. However, returning the "Lightsworn" monsters could make it harder to Summon their ace monster, "Judgment Dragon", unless it was milled.
    • Use this card in a "Sylvan" Deck, to reclycle the excavated "Sylvan" monsters and be able to re-use their effects.
  • Use in "Gadget" Decks to return them to the Deck and continue the cycling.
  • Use this card in a "Shooting Star Dragon" Deck. Returning the Tuner monsters from the Graveyard to the Deck increases the chance of getting Tuners for the Dragon's multi-attack effect.
  • Use with cards that can search copies of themselves out like "Reborn Tengu" or "Giant Germ". If there is one on the field and two in the Graveyard, add the two back to the Deck to use their effects once again.
  • Return Synchro, Fusion, Xyz and/or Link Monsters to the Extra Deck.
    • If there are enough Synchro, Fusion, Xyz and/or Link Monsters in the Graveyard, this card can also act like a "Pot of Greed", with the bonus of returning those cards to the Extra Deck.
  • If "Stardust Dragon" was Special Summoned with the effect of "Starlight Road", it can't be revived after it's sent to the Graveyard, since it was not Synchro Summoned first. Use this card to return it (along with 4 other monsters) to the Extra Deck, draw 2 cards, then Synchro Summon it later.
  • Return DARK monsters to align the Graveyard for "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • Recycle your trio of "Nimble Momonga" for another 3000 Life Points and a few more turns worth of defense.
  • Use "Substitoad" and fill the Graveyard with "Frog" monsters by constantly Tributing them, meeting this card's cost.

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