• Equip your opponent's strong monster with "Demotion" in order to make it vulnerable to this card's effect.
  • "Stygian Dirge" allows this card to take level 4 monsters as well.
  • This card works exceptionally well when combined with "Revival Gift". Summon the "Possessed Dark Soul" then activate "Revival Gift" to special summon any level 4 or below tuner, then tribute the "Dark Soul" and take control of the "Gift Fiend Tokens".
  • Activate "Mischief of the Yokai", so you'll be able to control monsters that were originally Level 5 or lower.
  • This card works exceptionally well against many kinds of Synchro decks as they utilize low-level monsters for tuning.
  • This card can work surprisingly well against Frogs, Six Samurai, Morphtronics, Ojamas, and many other archetypes that use low level monsters. Since at least some of those are tier 2, "Possessed Dark Soul" may be worth Side Decking.
  • You can summon this card and tribute it to take control of your opponent's "Meklord Emperor".
  • This card makes a very effective counter to a Duston deck after your opponent has summoned Starduston; simply take control of it, and its probable high attack combined with its effect that prevents special summons will quickly shut down their deck.

Traditional Format