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  • Use "Skreech" effect for dumping this card so you can revive it later through its effect
  • To easily get the monsters required to Special Summon this card, summon "Deep Sea Diva" to bring out a Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent-Type monster, then activate the effect of "Shark Stickers" to Special Summon it.
    • Summon "Deep Sea Diva" and use its effect to Special Summon "Atlantean Heavy Infantry". Use its effect to Normal Summon a third Level 3 or lower WATER monster from your hand, giving you the materials needed to summon this card.
  • You can also use "Call of the Haunted" to get out one of the monsters needed to summon this card, allowing you to return it to your hand to use again (with this card's effect).
  • "Ice Barrier" monsters have several acceptable monsters for this card's Special Summoning cost. Additionally, the bouncing of all Spell and Trap Cards fits the theme of "Ice Barrier" Decks and can provide fuel for "Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" or other such cards.
  • Most Level 3 or lower WATER monsters are acceptable targets for "Salvage" or "Surface" which reduces this card's Special Summoning cost.
  • "Wind-Up Shark" can be used to summon this card by using its effect to make itself Level 3.
  • Use the effect of "Hammer Shark" to help fulfill this card's summoning requirements.
  • "A Legendary Ocean" supports this card as follows:
    • Level 4 WATER monsters can be tributed to special summon this card.
    • At that time the ATK of your opponents monsters is reduced by at least 900 by this cards effect if at least two more spells/traps are on the field in addition to the field spell. By reactivating the field spell this cards ATK and DEF is further increased by 200.
    • This card can be Tribute Summoned (without effect!) with just 1 tribute.
  • If you have 3 copies of "Atlantean Pikeman" in your Graveyard, you can use "Tri-Wight" to bring them back and use them for the effect of "Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon". If you keep getting "Tri-Wight" back to your hand, you can keep Special Summoning this monster multiple times.
  • Use "Abyss-squall‎" to Special Summon 3 "Mermail" monsters, then tribute them to Special Summon this card.
  • If you have this card and "Call of the Atlanteans" set on your opponent's turn. Activate "Call of the Atlanteans" to Special Summon your monsters, then during your turn you can summon another "Poseidra" and Xyz Summon "Mermail Abyssgaios" or any other Rank 7 monster, or attack with both "Poseidras" and then Xyz Summon for a Rank 7.
  • When this card is special summoned by its own effect it removes spells/traps with negative influence on it (like "Gravity Bind")..So this card could be played in a stall deck.

Traditional Format

  • "Fishborg Blaster" is another monster that can be easily Special Summoned for this monster's cost.


  • List of Level 3 or lower WATER monster.
  Japanese name Card type Level Type ATK DEF
Ameba アメーバ Effect Monster 1 Aqua 300 350
Aqua Snake アクア・スネーク Normal Monster 3 Aqua 1,050 900
Aquaactress Guppy アクアアクトレス・グッピー Effect Monster 2 Aqua 600 600
Aquaactress Tetra アクアアクトレス・テトラ Effect Monster 1 Aqua 300 300
Atlantean Attack Squad 海皇の突撃兵 Effect Monster 3 Sea Serpent 1,400 0
Atlantean Heavy Infantry 海皇の重装兵 Effect Monster 2 Sea Serpent 0 1,600
Atlantean Marksman 海皇の狙撃兵 Effect Monster 3 Sea Serpent 1,400 0
Atlantean Pikeman 海皇の長槍兵 Normal Monster 2 Sea Serpent 1,400 0
Beautunaful Princess 鰤っ子姫 Effect Monster 1 Fish 0 0
Beelze Frog 悪魔ガエル Effect Monster 3 Aqua 1,200 800
Big Jaws ビッグ・ジョーズ Effect Monster 3 Fish 1,800 300
Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing 水竜星-ビシキ Effect Monster 2 Wyrm 0 2,000
Blizzard Warrior ブリザード・ウォリアー Effect Monster 3 Warrior 1,400 400
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の番人ブリズド Effect Monster 1 Aqua 300 500
Blue Duston ブルー・ダストン Effect Monster 1 Fiend 0 1,000
Bolt Penguin ボルト・ペンギン Normal Monster 3 Thunder 1,100 800
Boneheimer ボーンハイマー Normal Monster 3 Aqua 850 400
Botanical Girl ボタニティ・ガール Effect Monster 3 Plant 1,300 1,100
Cannonball Spear Shellfish 砲弾ヤリ貝 Effect Monster 2 Aqua 1,000 1,000
Caravan of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の輸送部隊 Effect Monster 1 Sea Serpent 500 200
Change Slime チェンジ・スライム Normal Monster 1 Aqua 400 300
Chrysalis Dolphin C・ドルフィーナ Effect Monster 2 Fish 400 600
Cloudian - Ghost Fog 雲魔物-ゴースト・フォッグ Effect Monster 1 Fiend 0 0
Cloudian - Poison Cloud 雲魔物-ポイズン・クラウド Effect Monster 3 Fiend 0 1,000
Cloudian - Sheep Cloud 雲魔物-羊雲 Effect Monster 1 Fairy 0 0
Cloudian - Smoke Ball 雲魔物-スモークボール Normal Monster 1 Fairy 200 600
Creeping Doom Manta 忍び寄るデビルマンタ Effect Monster 3 Fish 1,300 1,200
Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の術者 Effect Monster 2 Aqua 1,300 0
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise 宝玉獣 エメラルド・タートル Effect Monster 3 Aqua 600 2,000
Crystal Seer 水晶の占い師 Effect Monster 1 Spellcaster 100 100
Cursed Fig カースド・フィグ Effect Monster 1 Plant 200 200
Darkbishop Archfiend ダークビショップデーモン Effect Monster 3 Fiend 300 1,400
Deep Diver ディープ・ダイバー Effect Monster 3 Aqua 1,000 1,100
Deep Sea Diva 深海のディーヴァ Effect Monster 2 Sea Serpent 200 400
Deepsea Macrotrema 深海の大ウナギ Effect Monster 1 Fish 600 100
Defender of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の守護陣 Effect Monster 3 Aqua 200 1,600
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier 氷結界の水影 Effect Monster 2 Aqua 1,200 800
Don Turtle 首領亀 Effect Monster 3 Reptile 1,100 1,200
Dorover ドローバ Normal Monster 3 Aqua 900 800
Drill Barnacle ドリル・バーニカル Effect Monster 3 Aqua 300 0
Dupe Frog 魔知ガエル Effect Monster 2 Aqua 100 2,000
Elemental HERO Ice Edge E・HERO アイスエッジ Effect Monster 3 Warrior 800 900
Enchanting Mermaid 恍惚の人魚 Normal Monster 3 Fish 1,200 900
Eria the Water Charmer 水霊使いエリア Effect Monster 3 Spellcaster 500 1,500
Fishborg Archer フィッシュボーグ-アーチャー Effect Monster 3 Fish 300 300
Fishborg Blaster フィッシュボーグ-ガンナー Effect Monster 1 Fish 100 200
Fishborg Launcher フィッシュボーグ-ランチャー Effect Monster 1 Fish 200 100
Fishborg Planter フィッシュボーグ-プランター Effect Monster 2 Fish 200 200
Flip Flop Frog 裏ガエル Effect Monster 2 Aqua 500 200
Force Resonator フォース・リゾネーター Effect Monster 2 Fiend 500 500
… further results

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