• This card provides "Batteryman" Decks with a chance to prevent the opponent from attacking. Activate "Pixie Ring" while "Batteryman D" is out to form an attack lock that prevents the opponent from attacking "Batteryman D" (that has 0 ATK), while also preventing the opponent from attacking any other "Thunder"-type monsters on the field.
  • The same strategy as above could be applied with a Spellcaster Deck if using "Magician's Valkyria". Have her out and summon Spellcasters that are stronger in ATK than her to keep her from being attacked and the other Spellcasters from being attacked because of the effect of "Valkyria" and "Pixie Ring" both being active.
  • If this card is active while its controller has 2 or more face-up low ATK monsters of equal ATK (ex. 2 "Destiny HERO - Defender"), the opponent cannot attack either of the 2 monsters, nor can they attack directly.
  • This card provides a backup plan for "Ojama" Decks; if "Ojama Country" is destroyed while all "Ojamas" monsters are in Attack Position, it will prevent the opponent from attacking the "Ojama" monsters.
  • Combo this card with "Marauding Captain" and any other Level 4 high ATK Warrior to prevent the opponent from attacking.
  • Use this card with "Ring of Magnetism". It can prevent the opponent from attacking any monster since the only attack target is the monster equipped with this. "Ring of Magnetism" works better than "Raregold Armor" in this instance.
  • "Cyber Phoenix" along with high ATK Machine monsters to give protection from targeting from card effect.
  • Combine this card with the effect of "Gentlemander" and a monster with more ATK than said monster.

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