• Similarly, equipping a "Harpie Lady", "Harpie Channeler", "Harpie Dancer", "Harpie Harpist", or "Harpie Queen" with fourteen other "Harpie Ladies" in the Graveyard will increase the attack of the equipped Harpie Lady by 12600 points.
    • On "Harpie Queen" that would make a total of 14500 ATK. This is the highest attack power you can get with this card's effect without additional duplicates of monsters with the same name as the equipped monster in your opponent's Graveyard.
  • With a standing potential total of fifteen monsters in one deck which may share a name, a Harpie themed deck is statistically the best way to exploit this card's effect. Typically a mere seven-eight copies of "Harpie Lady" are required to empower one copy to OTK.
  • Equip to "Chain Thrasher" to exploit its card effect. With one "Chain Thrasher" in the Graveyard, its attack becomes 1900, and can attack twice. With two copies of "Chain Thrasher" in the Graveyard, its attack becomes 2800 and it can attack three times.
  • Use "Foolish Burial" to get a monster with the same name in the Graveyard easily.
  • This card works well with "Skull Servant" and "The Lady in Wight".
    • If you have three copies of each: "Skull Servant", "Wightmare", "Wightprince", "Wightprincess" and "The Lady in Wight" in your deck, this card can give any one of them a potential maximum boost of 12600 ATK; enough for a OTK (provided the other 14 copies are in your graveyard).
    • This boost doesn't work with "King of the Skull Servants" as his name on the field isn't 'Skull Servant' even though it is part of his name.
  • Equip this card to "Elemental HERO Prisma" given the name of "Skull Servant" through "Flame Ghost" and apply the above strategies to get 15 copies of Prisma's new name in the Graveyard for a total ATK of 15200 for one turn.

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