A deck based on "Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction" can also make good use of this card. Fusion summon "Five-Headed Dragon" with "Dragon's Mirror" before giving it to your opponent with "Creature Swap". Afterwards, summon this card and use its Burn effects to deal at least 5200 damage to your opponent. Even if it doesn't result in an OTK, "Gandora Giga Rays" will gain 1500 ATK.

  • Prior to summoning this card, play either "Lava Golem" or "Grinder Golem" on your opponents side of the field. This way you can deal at least 3200 LP in damage to your opponent.
    • Alternatively, you could do the same with "Creature Swap" and give your opponent a monster with even more ATK. Or use the monster you took control of to potentially use it as a Fusion Material for "Gatling Ghoul".


  • Level 5 or higher DARK monsters that can be used as Fusion Material:
 Primary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
Abyss Actor - Evil HeelPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Mellow MadonnaPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - SuperstarPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Accel SynchronSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Acrobatic MagicianPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Advent Skull ArchfiendRitual Monster
Effect Monster
Aeon Thunder DragonEffect MonsterThunder828000
Aether, the Evil Empowering DragonPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Alien MotherEffect MonsterReptile623001500
Alien OverlordEffect MonsterReptile622001600
... further results