• Due to the New Master Rules, where the Pendulum Zones are now the left and rightmost Spell/Trap Zones, the player that activates this card can only either; Pendulum Summon or have access to this card's Pendulum Effect to double their monsters attacks, and can never have both available simultaneously.
    • This is not necessarily a problem if the player intends to use this card to finish off the opponent.
    • Cards that return your Pendulum Scales to your hand, such as "Performapal Trampolynx", can be used to remove the other scale to be replaced with a Set Spell/Trap after successfully performing a Pendulum Summon.
  • By combining this card with "Dark Simorgh", its "0: Monsters they control cannot attack or activate their effects." effect will constantly be applied to your opponent so as long you have a way to protect "Dark Simorgh" and this card in your Pendulum Zone.
    • This can be taken even further by using "Anti-Spell Fragrance", effectively forming a lockdown on the opponent, preventing them from even activating any Spell cards that could destroy this card or "Dark Simorgh" and also locking their ability to attack as well.

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