• Unfortunately, do not grab "Wisdom-Eye Magician" with this card because you won't be able to use its Pendulum Effect to search for another "Magician" Pendulum Monster until the end of your opponent's next turn.
    • Similarly, if you wish to use "Wavering Eyes" in the same turn, make sure to do so before activating this card (Traditional only).
  • This card works well in "HERO"/Pendulum hybrids. Use this card to discard "Elemental HERO Shadow Mist" to add 2 "Magicians" with this card and "Elemental HERO Blazeman" with "Shadow Mist". Activate the two "Magicians" in the Pendulum Zones. Normal Summon "Performapal Skullcrobat Joker" to search out a "Magician" or "Odd-Eyes" card. Pendulum Summon "Blazeman" and add "Polymerization" or "Fusion Substitute". Thus, you get a Pendulum Scale set that can't be destroyed until your opponent's next End Phase, a Level 4 Pendulum Monster, a Level 4 "HERO", a "Polymerization" and a "HERO" monster in the Graveyard for later uses such as "Miracle Fusion" for the price of three cards.
  • This card's effect to protect your pendulum scales can be combined with cards such as Purple Poison Magician whilst it is in the pendulum scale giving a face-up spellcaster an attack boost of 1200 and keeping your scale intact.
  • The same goes for using Double Iris Magician in pendulum scale you can select a spellcaster granting the effect of double battle damage and Black Fang Magician decreasing the attack of an opponents monster whilst keeping you scales intact.


 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankScaleATKDEF
Acrobatic Magician曲芸の魔術師DARKSpellcaster528002300
Black Fang Magician黒牙の魔術師DARKSpellcaster481700800
Dharma-Eye Magician法眼の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster7220002500
Double Iris Magician虹彩の魔術師DARKSpellcaster4815001000
Dragoncaller Magician降竜の魔術師DARKSpellcaster7224001000
Dragonpit Magician竜穴の魔術師WATERSpellcaster789002700
Dragonpulse Magician竜脈の魔術師EARTHSpellcaster411800900
Harmonizing Magician調弦の魔術師Tuner monsterDARKSpellcaster4800
Nobledragon Magician貴竜の魔術師Tuner monsterFIRESpellcaster357001400
Oafdragon Magician賤竜の魔術師WINDSpellcaster6221001400
Performapal Five-Rainbow MagicianEM五虹の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster112100100
Purple Poison Magician紫毒の魔術師DARKSpellcaster4112002100
Stargazer Magician星読みの魔術師DARKSpellcaster5112002400
Timebreaker Magician刻剣の魔術師DARKSpellcaster3214000
Timegazer Magician時読みの魔術師DARKSpellcaster381200600
White Wing Magician白翼の魔術師Tuner monsterWINDSpellcaster4116001400
Wisdom-Eye Magician慧眼の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster4515001500
Xiangke Magician相克の魔術師DARKSpellcaster732500500
Xiangsheng Magician相生の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster485001500

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