• This card is useful to make your opponent draw a card that is a Dead Draw, for example:
    • An "Assault Mode" monster (they can only be Special Summoned from the deck)
    • "Wulf, Lightsworn Beast" (it can only be Special Summoned if sent from the deck to the graveyard)
    • A level 5 or higher monster (while your opponent has no enough tributes to Tribute Summon that monster)
  • It's also useful to somewhat predict your opponent's strategy, and return to the bottom of your opponent's Deck a card that he/she would need to draw.
    • This technique can also be used to prevent the effects of "Sylvan" monsters.
  • This card works well against "Infernity" decks: Use this card to return "Infernity Archfiend" to the bottom of the deck, so your opponent cannot draw it and cannot Special Summon it, nor can search an "Infernity" card.

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