• This card can be an effective counter to Lightsworn decks as well as being a truly useful Burn card in any Iron Chain deck.
  • Against an Xyz Deck, this card does well in a combo with "Vain Betrayer", which can be devastating if that Trap was used on a particularly dangerous Monster.
  • In a Mill Deck that revolves more around sending the opponent's cards from the Deck to the Graveyard rather than forcing them to draw, this card does well when paired with "Coffin Seller". If at least one of the sent cards is a Monster, they will take another 300 damage.
  • This card combos well with Gravekeeper's Servant since every time they attack they will have to send a card from their deck to the graveyard which with this card causes them to lose 300 life each time so your opponent might not want to attack as frequently. You could add Dark Room of Nightmare to double the damage of this effect.

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