• This card lets you choose which "Archfiend" monsters you want to pay LP for, and which ones you don't, essentially making the effect of "Battle-Scarred" optional.
  • Use "Hate Buster" to destroy a monster attacking an "Archfiend" along with the attacked monster and inflict damage, while searching for a lower Level "Archfiend" using this card's effect.
  • When you search your deck for an "Archfiend" with this second effect, you can choose one whose Level complements that of a Tuner you have to make it easier to Synchro Summon.
  • Equip one of your "Archfiend" monsters with "Synchro Boost", so that if that monster is destroyed you can add to your hand the same one or a different one of equal Level.


Archfiend monsters that can forgo a Life Point cost in the Standby Phase

 Japanese nameAttributeLevelTypeATKDEF
Darkbishop ArchfiendダークビショップデーモンWATER3Fiend3001,400
Desrook ArchfiendデスルークデーモンLIGHT3Fiend1,1001,800
Imprisoned Queen ArchfiendプリズンクインデーモンDARK8Fiend2,6001,700
Infernalqueen ArchfiendインフェルノクインデーモンFIRE4Fiend9001,500
Shadowknight ArchfiendシャドウナイトデーモンWIND4Fiend2,0001,600
Skull Archfiend of Lightning迅雷の魔王-スカル・デーモンDARK6Fiend2,5001,200
Terrorking ArchfiendジェノサイドキングデーモンDARK4Fiend2,0001,500
Thought Ruler Archfiendメンタルスフィア・デーモンDARK8Psychic2,7002,300
Vilepawn ArchfiendヘルポーンデーモンEARTH2Fiend1,200200

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