• After paying enough LP with this card's effect, Tribute this card for "Deck Devastation Virus", wiping out every Monster your opponent controls.
  • If your Life Points are higher than your opponent, equip "Megamorph" to one of your opponent's monster. This way, the second effect of "Pandemic Dragon" can be used to destroy a monster with less ATK.
  • With 2 copies of "Life Absorbing Machine" in play, this card's effect can be used, and then regain all of the Life Points that was paid for it at your next Standby Phase. With 3 copies, this card can be used and gain even more Life Points than before.
  • "Keeper of the Shrine" goes well with this card's last effect. Each monster will lose 1000 ATK when "Pandemic Dragon" is destroyed, allowing you to summon a Monster with 2100 DEF.

Traditional Format

  • This card's ATK-draining effect can fulfill the LP requirement of "Last Turn".

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