• As "Draconia", "Igknight", and "Metalfoes" Decks often run multiple copies of their Normal Monsters, this card can be used to search any of their Level 4 or lower monster, usually to search either ends of their Pendulum Scales.
  • This card can also be helpful in a "Wight" Deck, sending a "Skull Servant" to the Graveyard while searching for another one.
    • Activate "One for One" and discard the "Skull Servant" that was added to your hand, in order to Special Summon "King of the Skull Servants"; with this combo (this card + "One for One") your Deck will be thinned while powering "King" by at least 2000 points.


  • Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters:
 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
The 13th Grave13人目の埋葬者ZombieDARK31200900
7 Colored Fishレインボー・フィッシュFishWATER41800800
Abyss Flower深淵に咲く花PlantEARTH2750400
Acid CrawlerアシッドクロウラーInsectEARTH3900700
Acrobat MonkeyアクロバットモンキーMachineEARTH310001800
Alexandrite DragonアレキサンドライドラゴンDragonLIGHT42000100
Alien Shocktrooperエーリアン・ソルジャーReptileEARTH41900800
The All-Seeing White Tiger隻眼のホワイトタイガーBeastWIND31300500
... further results

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