• Normal Summon "Vylon Prism" with this card, then summon a Level 8 Synchro Monster.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeATKDEF
ApocatequilアポカテクイルEffect Monster18001200
Batteryman 9-Volt電池メン-角型Effect Monster10001000
Batteryman AAA電池メン-単四型Effect Monster00
BrohunderONiサンダーEffect Monster900400
The Calibratorザ・キャリブレーターEffect Monster15001500
CubenキューブンEffect Monster6001900
Denko Sekka電光-雪花-Effect Monster17001000
Elemental HERO VolticE・HERO ボルテックEffect Monster10001500
The Immortal of Thunder雷仙人Effect Monster15001300
Lightning Rod Lord避雷神Effect Monster1800100
MahunderOKaサンダーEffect Monster1400700
Morphtronic RadionD・ラジオンEffect Monster1000900
Rai-JinRAI-JINEffect Monster?1000
SishunderONeサンダーEffect Monster900400
Thunder King Rai-OhライオウEffect Monster1900800
Thunder Nyan Nyan雷電娘々Effect Monster1900800
Thunder Sea Horseサンダー・シーホースEffect Monster16001200
Vylon Prismヴァイロン・プリズムEffect MonsterTuner monster15001500
WattcobraエレキングコブラEffect Monster1000500
WattgiraffeエレキリンEffect Monster1200100
WattpheasantエレキジEffect Monster1000800

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