• You can use this card's Special Summoning effect to trigger its search effect.
  • Use Enemy Controller to eliminate the token and disolve enemy plays. This card can also protect you of attacks by change enemy monster position to defense position or take control of 1 opponent monster on the field. This card can also help you to perform an OTK or avoid monsters than "Fire/Ice Hand", Yang Zing, etc... and/or special summon 1 link monster. (You can also steal 1 link opponent monster to special summon Topologic Bomber Dragon or another link monster.)
  • Lava Golem can be very helpful with this deck specially in a pure paleozoic version. This card work like a dark hole and also on standby phase when lava golem activate effect of lose 1000 life you can special summon 1 token.
  • If you wanna special summon monster from extra deck but you dont want to activate the field effect when you summon a normal monster. You can set other copy of the field then special summon the monster from extra deck
  • Use Level Eater to special summon links monsters using the token on field and other monster.
  • Special Summon the token is optional effect you must keep calm and not special summon token each time that you can. Phantasm Spiral deck is a control deck. Farm your traps by not summon the token each turn. Summon the token only the turns when you not special summon any other normal monster.

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