• The ideal targets for this card's effect, are Equipped Monsters who have increased their original ATK, as well as monsters which increase ATK by their own effect (such as "Shadow Ghoul" or "Golden Homunculus"). When such monsters are summoned, you can chain this card to destroy them.
  • This card works perfectly with many Equip Cards that increase ATK points like "Axe of Despair". Equip those cards to your opponent's monsters and activate this card to destroy them.
  • This card works great against an opponent using "Solidarity".
  • This card works well against monsters that benefit of the "Fire Fist" formation cards like "Fire Formation - Tenki" due to the continuous effect that constantly increases the attack of face-up Beast-Warrior-Type monsters.
  • This card works well with "Ego Boost". You can use both to destroy any opponent's attacking monster, or any of your monsters if you have a plan in mind.
  • Using this with Smile World is a good way to be rid of heavy hitting monsters if they aren't immune to trap effects.

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