• If you have one copy of this card in your Graveyard and one on the field, you can constantly Summon one of them by using this cards effect on the other one.
  • Tribute this card for the cost of "Mind Over Matter", effectively negating a card and activating the effect of "Overmind Archfiend".
    • You can use this strategy in response to cards like "Dimensional Prison" that would banish "Overmind Archfiend" instead of sending it to the Graveyard.
  • Normal Summon "Overdrive Teleporter" with "Star Blast" (pay 1500 to reduce its Level to 3) and use its effect to Special Summon 1 Level 3 Psychic Tuner and 1 Level 3 non-Tuner Psychic card. Send the cards to the Graveyard to Synchro Summon this card.
  • A good combo for this card is to Summon it, protect it long enough to banish the cards used to Summon it, when it's destroyed Summon them all back, then use them to Summon another of this card, then use its effect to banish the other one, and repeat. This is an effective way to keep "Overmind Archfiend" alive and swarm the field with Synchros, like "Hyper Psychic Blaster".
    • If it is destroyed by battle on your opponent's turn and you can't immediately Summon it again, activate "Urgent Tuning" to Summon it on your opponent's turn. Then on your next turn, you can banish the destroyed copy of "Overmind Archfiend".
  • If you can get this card out you have a chance to do some real damage if you have cards in your Banished Zone like "Thought Ruler Archfiend", "Ultimate Axon Kicker", "Hyper Psychic Blaster", or another copy of this card will almost certainly make your opponent not want it to leaves the field for fear of the cards you will swarm them with after.
  • Combine with "Destruct Potion" for an LP boost and to activate it's effect if your opponent doesn't want to destroy it or you're low on the life points.
  • You can also combine this card with "Gravity Collapse" to stop an opponent attempting a strike back by Summoning monsters.
  • By combining "Brain Research Lab" and "Serene Psychic Witch", you can Summon this card on second turn. On your first turn Summon "Serene Psychic Witch". When its destroyed, banish "Mental Seeker" or "Esper Girl". During your Standby Phase, it will be Special Summoned. Normal Summon "Silent Psychic Wizard", and a Level 3 Psychic-Type monster. Tune to Summon this card, which also triggers the effect of "Wizard".

Traditional Format

  • Use "Telekinetic Power Well" to Special Summon "Mind Master" and 2 others Level 2 or less Psychic-Type monsters from your Graveyard, then you can Tribute them for the effect of "Mind Master" to Special Summon 2 Level 4 Psychic-Type monsters. Tune them with "Mind Master" to Summon this card.
  • You can Summon this card in 1 turn, all you need is "One for One" or "Emergency Teleport" to Special Summon "Mind Master", then Normal Summon another Psychic-Type monster. Use the effect of "Mind Master" to Special Summon "Hushed Psychic Cleric", use the effect of "Cleric" and banish 1 Level 4 Psychic-Type in your Graveyard (if not present, Special Summon it with "Mind Master" and then Tribute it for "Cleric"). Tribute "Cleric" with the effect of "Mind Master" for a Level 4 Psychic-Type from your Deck, then the effect of "Cleric" will Summon the previously banished 4 Synchro them for "Overmind Archfiend".


  • Psychic-Type Tuners:
 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Esper Girlサイ・ガールEffect MonsterEARTH2500300
Genomix Fighterジェノミックス・ファイターEffect MonsterWIND622001100
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit幽鬼うさぎEffect MonsterLIGHT301800
KrebonsクレボンスEffect MonsterDARK21200400
Mental SeekerメンタルシーカーEffect MonsterEARTH3800600
Mind MasterメンタルマスターEffect MonsterLIGHT1100200
PSY-Framegear AlphaPSYフレームギア・αEffect MonsterLIGHT15000
PSY-Framegear BetaPSYフレームギア・βEffect MonsterLIGHT17000
PSY-Framegear DeltaPSYフレームギア・δEffect MonsterLIGHT212000
PSY-Framegear EpsilonPSYフレームギア・εEffect MonsterLIGHT215000
PSY-Framegear GammaPSYフレームギア・γEffect MonsterLIGHT210000
Psychic Commanderサイコ・コマンダーEffect MonsterEARTH31400800
Psychic JumperサイコジャンパーEffect MonsterEARTH21001500
Re-Coverリ・バイブルEffect MonsterEARTH1700300

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