• Use "Ojama Trio" to add more monsters to your opponent's side of the field.
  • If you use some back up cards like "Mage Power", you can make this card harder to eliminate since your opponent still has to watch out for its primary effect. It could have up to 2500 ATK and with your opponent's monster(s) on the field, "Orichalcos Shunoros" will gain more ATK.
  • Use this card with "The Seal of Orichalcos" to protect your Level 4 Normal Monsters, if any, as well as to force your opponent to battle this card.
    • Because it is a Special Summon, activate "The Seal of Orichalcos" first.

Traditional Format


  • Level 4 Normal Monsters:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeATKDEF
7 Colored Fishレインボー・フィッシュWATERFish1800800
Alexandrite DragonアレキサンドライドラゴンLIGHTDragon2000100
Alien Shocktrooperエーリアン・ソルジャーEARTHReptile1900800
Alligator's Swordワイバーンの戦士EARTHBeast15001200
Alpha The Magnet Warrior磁石の戦士αEARTHRock14001700
Amazon of the Seas海原の女戦士WATERFish13001400
Ancient Elfエンシェント・エルフLIGHTSpellcaster14501200
Ancient Lizard Warrior古代のトカゲ戦士EARTHReptile14001100
Ancient Sorcerer古代魔導士DARKSpellcaster10001300
Angel Trumpeterエンジェル・トランペッターTuner monsterEARTHPlant19001600
Aqua Madoorアクア・マドールWATERSpellcaster12002000
Archfiend Soldierデーモン・ソルジャーDARKFiend19001500
Arma Knightアンモ・ナイトWATERAqua10001200
Armored Lizard鎧蜥蜴EARTHReptile15001200
Armored Starfishアーマード・スターフィッシュWATERAqua8501400
Axe Raiderアックス・レイダーEARTHWarrior17001150
Baron of the Fiend Sword邪剣男爵DARKFiend1550800
Barrel RockガンロックEARTHRock10001300
Battle FootballerバトルフットボーラーFIREMachine10002100
Battle OxミノタウルスEARTHBeast-Warrior17001000
Bean Soldierビーン・ソルジャーEARTHPlant14001300
Beautiful Headhuntress斬首の美女EARTHWarrior1600800
Beaver WarriorルイーズEARTHBeast-Warrior12001500
Beckoned by the World Chalice星杯に誘われし者EARTHWarrior18000
Beta The Magnet Warrior磁石の戦士βEARTHRock17001600
Big Insectビック・アントEARTHInsect12001500
Blackland Fire Dragon暗黒の竜王DARKDragon1500800
Blade Skaterブレード・スケーターEARTHWarrior14001500
Blazing Inpachi火炎木人 18FIREPyro18500
Blue-Winged Crown冠を戴く蒼き翼WINDWinged Beast16001200
Brave Scizzarブレイブ・シザーDARKMachine13001000
Bujin Hiruko武神-ヒルコLIGHTBeast-Warrior10002000
Celtic Guardianエルフの剣士EARTHWarrior14001200
Crawling Dragon #2屍を貪る竜EARTHDinosaur16001200
Crazy Fishクレイジー・フィッシュWATERFish16001200
Cyber FalconメカファルコンWINDMachine14001200
Cyber Soldier of Darkworld魔界の機械兵DARKMachine14001200
D. HumanドラゴヒューマンEARTHWarrior13001100
Dark Assailant闇の暗殺者DARKZombie12001200
Dark Blade闇魔界の戦士 ダークソードDARKWarrior18001500
Dark Rabbitダーク・ラビットDARKBeast11001500
Dark Titan of Terror暗黒魔神 ナイトメアDARKFiend13001100
Darkfire Soldier #1バーニングソルジャーFIREPyro17001150
Darkfire Soldier #2炎の剣豪FIREPyro17001100
Destroyer Golem破壊のゴーレムEARTHRock15001000
Disk Magicianディスク・マジシャンDARKMachine13501000
Divine Dragon Ragnarok神竜ラグナロクLIGHTDragon15001000
... further results (188 more)

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