• You can combine this card with "Astral Barrier" to prevent your monsters from being attacked, and you won't take damage.
  • You can use this card with "Heavy Slump", because once your opponent draws their eighth card during their Draw Phase, you can gain a massive hand advantage.
  • This card goes well in Decks focused on "Self-Destruct Button", as this card does not inflict damage, but creates a replacement value for players' Life Points.
  • This card can circumvent the negative effects of cards like "Power Bond".
  • This card also allows Psychic decks to avoid effect damage through using Psychic-themed monster and spell effects.
  • Use this card to trigger "Appropriate", or while "Appropriate" is already face-up, you can turn this into a +2 for nothing.
  • Combine this card with "Silent Magician LV4" to provide another way to speed up adding Spell Counters to this card to increase its attack and lead into Special Summoning for "Silent Magician LV8".
  • This card works well in "Chain Strike" decks. Activate "One Day of Peace" and chain your burn cards to this this card. Your burn effects will go through as they are higher in the chain link and your opponent will be unable to harm you during his/her turn.
  • If you use this in a beat-down deck, you can attack with many monsters, inflict a lot of damage, then activate this card during Main Phase 2 so you don't need to worry about your opponent's comeback.
    • This also works in helping avoid the negative effect of "Power Bond" being used to Summon high ATK monsters such as "Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem" or "Chimeratech Overdragon" (its ? ATK becomes its original ATK, in other ways the damage that "Power Bond" inflicts). If the duel is not won the turn "Power Bond" is activated, activate this card to avoid a potential massive loss of Life Points.

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