• You can also Special Summon this card with "Forbidden Trapezohedron".
  • This card can be destroyed by the effect of "Scrap Dragon", while it is a monster card or an equip card, to activate either effect, while also allowing you to destroy an opponent's card.
  • In a "Alien" Deck, this card can be Summoned with "Alien Ammonite" + "Alien Dog", then after it equips itself you can return it to your Extra Deck with the effect of "Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar" (who can destroy this card to activate its effect). Finally, "Code A Ancient Ruins" can be used to revive the Synchro Materials, allowing you to repeat the combo.
  • In a "Yang Zing" Deck, this card can be used with "Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing". The latter destroy this card to revive any Level 4 or lower monster, which can be used to activate either of this card's effects, or can revive it after it has used it's effects so that they may be used once again.

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