• To set up a deadly lockdown, activate "Ojama Trio" during the end of your opponent's turn while they control no monsters, giving them 3 Tokens to lock their field. Play "Ground Collapse" or "Kaiser Colosseum". The opponent shall be severely restricted with Monster Zones, not being able to Summon any monsters or attack. To sharpen the process, try 2 copies of "Dupe Frog", so the Tokens cannot be destroyed by attacking a stronger monster
  • In a Deck dedicated to "Ojama" cards, "Ojama Trio" can be activated, and then fuse "Ojama Knight" or "Ojama King" onto the field to lock it down (and as far as "Ojama Knight" is concerned, "Super Polymerization" can actually be played to use the Tokens as Fusion Materials, keep in mind your opponent wont lose any LP).
  • This card works well with "Final Attack Orders".
    • A good combo to use would be "Ojama Trio", "Final Attack Orders" and "Asura Priest" or "Ultimate Tyranno". "Asura Priest" needs no Tribute and has 1700 ATK. When the "Ojama Tokens" are destroyed your opponent loses 300 LP. Since "Asura Priest" can attack all of them this would be 6000 LP total, or would be an OTK if more Tokens were on your opponent's field.
  • This card is good for Summoning weak monsters to your opponent's field for use with "Masked Chopper".
  • This card is a good choice to use against a "Six Samurai" Deck.
  • "Ojama Trio" can be activated, then activate "All-Out Attacks" while there is a 2400 ATK or higher monster on your field for a OTK.
    • Alternatively, Set a monster with 2700+ DEF ("Destiny HERO - Defender" is the best for this, as it does not require a Tribute and will survive your opponent's turn) and then activate the two cards.
      • Or "Stone Statue of the Aztecs", "All-Out Attacks", and "Ojama Trio" could be Set, then end. The next turn activate the two Traps for 12.000 points of damage (and most likely a win).
  • A lockdown can be formed, by using "Ojama Trio", "Kaiser Colosseum", and a monster which can attack your opponent's Life Points directly, such as "Black Tyranno", "Mucus Yolk", or "Raging Flame Sprite". Summon the selected monster, and activate "Ojama Trio". Then, use "Kaiser Colosseum", and attack your opponent's LP directly. This lockdown will work only if your opponent has no monsters. Your opponent can break this lockdown by destroying your "Kaiser Colosseum", so load up on Spells and Traps to counter them.
  • These Tokens increase the attack of Elemental HERO Magma Neos due to the rule of all Tokens being considered Normal Monsters in every respect.
  • Use this card with "Token Thanksgiving" to gain 2400 Life Points and make your opponent take 900 points of damage or "Token Feastevil" to inflict 1800 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.
  • If your opponent has no face-up monsters, use this card while "Rivalry of Warlords" is active. Unless your opponent has Beast-Type monsters, they cannot Summon monsters while the Tokens remain on the field.
    • Or more cruel; their Beast can be prevented from Summon directly, by change type with "DNA Surgery", but be sure to match your own monster type.
  • If your opponent used this card, the Tokens can be Tributed for a Special Summon, like for the Summon of "Destiny HERO - Plasma". This can also be used to Syncro Summon a Level 8 monster that is if there is a Level 2 Tuner, or a Level 7 monster if a Level 1 Tuner is used.
  • This card can be activated, and then easily use the effect of "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor".
    • Also, "Card Rotator" can be activated before using the second effect of "Decisive Armor" to deal a minimum of 3600 damage (ATK: 3300 + effect: 300) if "Decisive Armor" is the only monster on your field. By activating the second effect of "Decisive Armor", there is no worry of a card effect that activate out of the field like "Necro Gardna".
  • Use this card before Synchro Summoning "Reptilianne Hydra" to deal 900 points of damage and to draw three cards.
  • To form a powerful lockdown, activate an "Ojama Trio" during your turn and destroy one of the Tokens by battle, then afterward activate a second "Ojama Trio" to fully occupy your opponent's Monster Zones.
  • This card can be used in a "Volcanic" Deck, together with "Wild Fire", all your opponent's monsters can be destroyed and deal 900 damage. This combo is best when your opponent tries to destroy your "Blaze Accelerator", "Ojama Trio", or "Wild Fire". Make sure to chain "Wild Fire", and then "Ojama Trio". The reverse order will give them the Tokens after the field is blows up.
  • If the Tokens end up on your field (via your opponent playing "Ojama Trio"), they can safely be removed from your field with monsters such as "Panther Warrior" and "Insect Queen", which require a Tribute to attack. By doing so, the Tokens can be removed without suffering the backlash of them being destroyed, since it won't count as being destroyed, as well as regain your field.
  • Since these Tokens are Special Summoned, the effect of Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend" can be used to slam your opponent with 2400 points of damage at once.
  • This card works well in an "Egyptian God" Deck when combined with "The Tricky" and "Tricky Spell 4", as it would give the required number of Tributes to Summon any of them.
    • Alternatively, this combo also works in a "Destiny HERO" Deck if there is a plan on Summoning "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
  • This card works well with any card that has more than 1000 ATK and has the piercing ability, allowing it to deal piercing damage in addition to the burn damage suffered from the destruction of the "Ojama Tokens".
    • If attacking with a card with 1000 ATK, equip it with "Big Bang Shot" to give it a 400 ATK boost.

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