• While this card and an "Ojama" monster is on the field, summon "Destiny HERO - Defender" for a Level 4 monster with 2700 ATK. Also, while "Destiny HERO - Defender" is in face-up Attack Position, the opponent cannot draw extra cards via its effect.
  • Use any searcher monster that can summon any monster with high DEF (such as "Giant Rat" to search out "Labyrinth Wall"), since the monster's ATK in the Deck remains unchanged.
  • Use "Instant Fusion" to Special Summon "Ojama Knight" while this card is face-up on the field. After the effect of"Instant Fusion" destroys it use "Ojamagic" to get some "Ojama" monsters to the hand, and then use this card's first effect to send one of the in-hand "Ojama" monsters to the Graveyard, then summon "Ojama Knight" back to the field (with no strings attached).
  • This card is useful against a Zombie Deck because most of them have low DEF.
  • This card is very useful against most Decks as most Decks play monster cards with low DEF (often under 1000). However, this card can backfire if the opponent plays a high DEF monster Deck.
  • This card is useful against a "Flamvell" Deck because almost all "Flamvell" monsters have 200 DEF.

Traditional Format