• Any monster equipped with "Reptilianne Rage" can be targeted by this card. While you'll lose the Equip Spell Card when the monster is destroyed, the second effect of "Rage" may give you a small advantage.
  • Use this card with "Reptilianne Gardna" in order to search for a "Reptilianne" monster while simultaneously clearing the field.
  • In an Alien deck, "Code A Ancient Ruins" will get an A-Counter from this card's effect. With 1 more A-Counter, you can Special Summon an "Alien" monster from your Graveyard, including the one you destroyed with this card's effect.
  • This card can be use in combination with "Snake Whistle" to get a new Reptile from the one you lost.
  • This card is good when your Reptile is about to be destroyed, whether by battle or card effect, and can work well with "Venom Swamp".
  • You should also keep in mind that this card destroys your Reptile when it resolves, not as a cost when it's activated, so if this card is negated, your monster remains on the field. This is helpful if playing someone using "Dark Bribe" or "Starlight Road". However, it also means you can't use a face-down Reptile, limiting its usefulness in Worms.
  • Activate this when you have a "Meklord Emperor" in your hand. This accomplishes two things: you destroy 2 of your opponent's cards and summon an extra monster to avoid losing field presence.

Traditional Format

  • Use "Sinister Serpent" to activate this card so that you can return it to your hand the next turn.

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