• Any "Odd-Eyes" monster in your Extra Deck and "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" can be used to fulfill the alternate Fusion Summon method of "Odd-Eyes Fusion". Using this method even when there are the necessary Materials face-up in your Extra Deck will allow yourself to save those cards for later, whether to Pendulum Summon at a later time or to pay the activation cost for this card's effect.
  • Use this card to shuffle any Pendulum Monsters that currently cannot be Pendulum Summoned, such as "Performapal Trump Witch", back into the Deck for another chance to be used, while simultaneously stopping a Spell/Trap/monster effect. This also helps keep the Deck stocked during a prolonged game.
  • Note that this card can use its first effect whenever it's Special Summoned, not just Fusion Summoned. So if it's destroyed or sent to the Graveyard by any means after being properly Summoned, it can be revived and activate its ability again.

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