• Use "Darkworld Shackles" to guarantee that your opponent will take 4800 damage in battles with this card.
  • Use cards that reduce the opponent's monster's attack to 0, so your opponent will take 5000 damage.
    • Effective cards for this would be "Ghost of a Grudge" and the "Reptilianne" series.
    • Using the effects of "Mini-Guts" or "Darkworld Shackles" on an opponent's monster alongside this card can create a massive amount of damage, possibly resulting in a OTK if the opposing monster has enough ATK.
    • By Xyz Summoning "Number 39: Utopia Beyond" and using its effect to reduce the ATK of all monsters your opponent controls to 0, then attacking those monsters with it and this card, exactly 8000 damage can be inflicted.
  • Take advantage of the mechanics of Pendulum Summon using Equip Spell Cards like "Mage Power" or "United We Stand" to dramatically increase this card's ATK.
    • If "Mage Power" is equipped to this card after it was Pendulum Summoned, its ATK will increase to 4000 minimally, due to the combined presence of "Mage Power" itself and your 2 Pendulum Scales, which are treated as Spell Cards. As up to 7 Spell and Trap Cards can be controlled, this card's ATK can reach 6000 via this method.
    • The effectiveness of "United We Stand" can be enhanced the more monsters Pendulum Summoned alongside this card.
  • In a "D/D" Deck, this card can be activated in your Pendulum Zone, then destroy it with its Pendulum Effect to search out a "D/D" Pendulum Monster to enable your plays, such as "D/D Savant Kepler". This card can be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck later on with the effect of "D/D Proud Ogre", where it can be used as a beatstick or an Xyz Material for the Xyz Summon of a Rank 7 Xyz Monster.
  • Note that if this card is added to your hand via "Fusion Conscription, though it can't be Summoned, it can still be activated in the Pendulum Zone and activate its Pendulum Effect(s). "Fusion Conscription" only prevents the monsters with its name from activating their effects, but since "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" was activated in the Pendulum Zone, it is treated as a Spell Card the whole time, evading this restriction.
  • In an "Odd-Eyes" Deck, this card can easily be paired with "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" in the Pendulum Zone to allow it to exceed the ATK of most staple monsters.
  • If there are no monsters on your field, and have "Performapal Partnaga" and "Performapal Skullcrobat Joker" or "Dragonpit Magician" as Pendulum Scales, and this card, 2 Level 4 "Performapal" Spellcaster-Type monsters, and at least 1 (if your Scale 8 is "Skullcrobat Joker") or 2 (if your Scale 8 is "Dragonpit") other "Performapal" monster(s) in your hand or face-up in your Extra Deck, an OTK can be enacted.
      1. Pendulum Summon this card, the 2 Level 4 "Performapal" Spellcaster-Type monsters and the 1 or 2 other "Performapal" monsters.
      2. Use the Pendulum Effect of "Partnaga" to increase this card's ATK to 4000, as 5 "Performapal" cards re under your control.
      3. Overlay your 2 Level 4 Spellcaster-Type "Performapal" monsters to Xyz Summon "Performage Trapeze Magician" and detach an Xyz Material from it to target this card, allowing it to attack twice this turn.
      4. With this card having 4000 ATK and the ability to attack twice, and "Trapeze Magician" having 2500 ATK, at least 10,500 damage can be inflicted to your opponent, possibly more, depending on the ATK of the other "Performapal" monsters that was Pendulum Summoned, but did not overlay to Xyz Summon "Trapeze Magician".

Traditional Format


 Japanese nameTypeAttributeLevelATKDEFPS
Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy魔界劇団-ダンディ・バイプレイヤーFiendDARK27007008
Abyss Actor - Twinkle Littlestar魔界劇団-ティンクル・リトルスターFiendDARK4100010009
Amorphage Envyアモルファージ・キャヴムDragonEARTH4020505
Amorphage Gluttonyアモルファージ・ガストルDragonEARTH2018505
Amorphage Greedアモルファージ・プレストDragonEARTH4019503
Amorphage Lecheryアモルファージ・ルクスDragonEARTH2135005
Crystal Protector宝玉の守護者WarriorFIRE4150018002
Crystal Vanguard宝玉の先導者SpellcasterDARK3130010005
D/D Savant CopernicusDD魔導賢者コペルニクスFiendDARK4001
D/D Savant GalileiDD魔導賢者ガリレイFiendDARK10001
... further results

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