• If you control a Level 7 "Odd-Eyes" monster, you can Special Summon "Nobledragon Magician" with its own effect (decreasing the Level of the "Odd-Eyes" monster to 4), then Synchro Summon this card.
    • Note that you can also use this monster as a target for the effect of "Nobledragon Magician" to Special Summon another copy of this card. You can repeat this up to the number of "Nobledragon Magicians" you have in your hand or Graveyard to Special Summon the monsters in your Pendulum Zones.
  • If you attack your opponent with a Pendulum Monster while controlling "Timegazer Magician", "Stargazer Magician" and this card you can lock your opponent from activating any effects during the attack.
  • If you control an "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" and it is destroyed, activate its effect and place it in your Pendulum Zone. Then, Special Summon this card and use its effect to Special Summon the "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" from your Pendulum Zone.
    • Before Special Summoning this card, use the Pendulum Effect of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" to place "Xiangke Magician" in your other Pendulum Zone, and after this card is Summoned, use the Pendulum Effect of "Xiangke Magician" to allow you to Xyz Summon another "Odd-Eyes Rebellion".