• Level 2 or lower Beast-Type Effect Monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Main Deck:
 Primary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Amazoness Baby TigerEffect MonsterEARTH2500500
Baby Raccoon PonpokoEffect MonsterEARTH28000
Baby Raccoon TantanEffect MonsterEARTH20800
Blade RabbitEffect MonsterEARTH2400300
A Cat of Ill OmenEffect MonsterDARK2500300
Catnipped KittyEffect MonsterEARTH20500
Chemicritter Oxy OxEffect MonsterWIND202100
Chow Chow ChanEffect MonsterEARTH2800800
Chrysalis PantailEffect MonsterDARK2800300
Dark Cat with White TailEffect MonsterEARTH2800500
Dark DesertapirEffect MonsterEARTH21100300
ElephunEffect MonsterEARTH2500300
ExplossumEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Hane-HaneEffect MonsterEARTH2450500
Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the ForestEffect MonsterEARTH22001400
Key MouseEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Little ChimeraEffect MonsterFIRE2600550
Milus RadiantEffect MonsterEARTH1300250
MogmoleEffect MonsterEARTH2800800
MojaEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Neko Mane KingEffect MonsterEARTH100
Nimble BeaverEffect MonsterWATER2400100
Nimble MomongaEffect MonsterEARTH21000100
Nimble MusasabiEffect MonsterEARTH2800100
Ojama BlueEffect MonsterLIGHT201000
Ojama RedEffect MonsterLIGHT201000
Outstanding Dog MarronEffect MonsterLIGHT1100100
Performapal ChangeraffePendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal CheermolePendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal GongatoPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal HandstandaccoonPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal Odd-Eyes UnicornPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Performapal Rain GoatEffect MonsterWATER100
Performapal TrampolynxPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Playful PossumEffect MonsterEARTH2800600
Rinyan, Lightsworn RogueEffect MonsterLIGHT2100100
RodenutEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Ryko, Lightsworn HunterEffect MonsterLIGHT2200100
Ryko, Twilightsworn FighterEffect MonsterDARK2200100
Sea KoalaEffect MonsterEARTH21001600
SnyffusEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Test ApeEffect MonsterEARTH2700300
The Fabled CatsithEffect MonsterLIGHT1800600
The Fabled CerburrelEffect MonsterLIGHT21000400
The Fabled ChawaEffect MonsterLIGHT1200100
The Fabled NozoocheeEffect MonsterLIGHT21200800
The Fabled PeggulsusEffect MonsterLIGHT11001600
Tree OtterEffect MonsterWATER21200100
Uni-Horned FamiliarEffect MonsterLIGHT201000
Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the ForestEffect MonsterEARTH1700500
... further results

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