• This card can be prevented from destroying by its own effect via "Imperial Custom".
    • To further supporting this and "Imperial Custom", the latter can also protecting the Trap Monster cards that would be using as Xyz Materials.
  • As using Gravity Bind doesn't affect Xyz monsters you could use this card along with Imperial Custom and Gravity Bind
  • Combine this card with "Number 82: Heartlandraco" and "Kaiser Colosseum", and not only will your opponent be unable to Summon enough monsters to Xyz Summon, but they will also be unable to attack your "Number 82: Heartlandraco" to destroy it with any "Number" monsters they may already have; in addition, your "Number 82: Heartlandraco" can still use its ability to attack your opponent directly for heavy damage.
    • You can also use "Spirit Converter", which can attach more Xyz Material to "Number 82: Heartlandraco" to continue attacking your opponent directly. Because "Spirit Converter" is also a Continuous Spell Card, your opponent still cannot attack "Number 82: Heartlandraco".
  • Use this card along with "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings" so it can stay alive long enough (until the end phase of the opponent's turn) for its destruction effect to trigger.
  • This card is best used in a Deck centered around "Number" monsters, which can be difficult to build given the massive variety of their effects. A good strategy would be to use one of the standard Xyz archetypes backed by a Number-heavy Extra Deck. Good archetypes to try include:
  • With "Xyz Veil", Xyz Monsters cannot be targeted so long as they keep material, along with being invulnerable to destruction.
    • Be aware that both of these Trap Cards protect Xyz Monsters on EITHER player's side of the field, fortunately this card would not self-destruct on the destruction of the opponent's Number.

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