• One can use "Hi-Five the Sky" to grant this monster an extra attack– the second without any risk of the opponent retaliating– letting you steal 2 monsters in one turn.
  • You can also equip "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce" to this card to allow for 2 attacks in one turn and allowing you to steal two monsters in one turn and every turn the swords remain equipped.
  • Since this card takes control of opponent monsters only during the Battle Phase, you can use cards like "Urgent Tuning", "El Shaddoll Fusion", "Flash Fusion" and "Mask Change II" to use their monster as a material for your Synchro/Fusion Monster, getting rid of it and possibly allowing you to continuously attack your opponent directly for massive damage.
  • A simple strategy is to take a monster that your opponent controls that happens to have the exact same attack as another monster they control. By attacking the second monster, you would destroy both without taking damage.
  • One of the few ways of dealing with this card is negating its effects, which reduces it to a mere 0-ATK monster. Use cards like "Forbidden Lance" to protect it from "Breakthrough Skill" or "Skill Drain" and similar cards.

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