• Use "Dice Re-Roll" to increase the chances of getting the necessary effect for yourself.
  • If a 4 is rolled, this card can target itself to allow it to attack for one turn.
  • You have a 4-in-6(66.6666666668%) chance of getting a favorable dice roll result, without any cards to support "Crazy Box".
  • Use this card with "Number Wall" as a means of insurance in the event that a 6 is rolled.
  • Combo with "Skill Drain" (preferably after all of this monster's Xyz Materials are used) to lift its attack restriction.
  • "Axe of Fools" or "Forbidden Chalice" can be used to negate this card's effect, allowing it to attack and giving it an ATK boost.
    • Note that "Forbidden Chalice" and "Eradicator Epidemic Virus" (like any other cards) cannot be activated while an effect is resolving, so they cannot be used in the event of an unfavorable dice roll.

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