• This card is most valuable when the opponent is topdecking, to eliminate the possibility that they will make a comeback with resources from their Graveyard (e.g. "Spore", "Grapha").
    • In fact, in general "Number 80" makes a useful Side Deck choice for Rank 4 decks, given the proliferation of graveyard-reliant decks (like "Sylvan" or "Lightsworn") in the present metagame.
  • Just like its Chaos Form, this card can work well with "Number 43: Manipulator of Souls," which can Equip these monsters from the graveyard ("80" and "C80" provide their effects no matter how they are equipped). Not only does "80" provide an additional 1,200 point ATK boost, but it also arms "43's" invincibility effect.

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