The odds for this card's ATK are:

  • 1/36 chance (~2.77%) for highest die roll to be 1 and ATK to be 700.
  • 3/36 chance (~8.33%) for highest die roll to be 2 and ATK to be 1400.
  • 5/36 chance (~13.88%) for highest die roll to be 3 and ATK to be 2100.
  • 7/36 chance (~19.44%) for highest die roll to be 4 and ATK to be 2800.
  • 9/36 chance (25.00%) for highest die roll to be 5 and ATK to be 3500.
  • 11/36 chance (~30.56%) for highest die roll to be 6 and ATK to be 4200.

On average, this card's ATK will be about ~3130.

The odds of obtaining this card's bonus effect (rolling a sum of 7) is 6/36 or 1/6, about a 16.67% chance.


  • This card pairs excellently with "Dice Re-Roll"; use it whenever this card's ATK ends up below average (2800 or lower) and you also don't roll a 7. (The chances of getting either an above-average ATK or a bonus effect is a surprisingly high 22/36 (~61.11%); this becomes ~84.88% with "Dice Re-Roll".
  • This card's third bonus effect can be used to benefit any Deck that heavily relies on the Graveyard, especially "Dark World" and "Fabled" Decks.
  • Although not advised, this card can be used in a deck inspired by Joey Wheeler (Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon with gambling cards). If 3 of the adult "Dragon Rulers" are in your Graveyard and you have "Burial from the Different Dimension" Set or in your hand, use their banish 1 Dragon-type Monster from your Graveyard and summon them before Xyz Summoning this card. Activate "Burial" afterwards to return the banished Dragons to your Graveyard. If your deck contains "Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction", it may not be necessary to activate "Burial" at all.
  • If you are lucky enough to roll a total of 7 while "Forced Requisition" and "Super Rejuvenation" are in play, use this card's pseudo-Graceful Charity effect to discard two Dragons, shorten your opponent's hand size by two, and give yourself two new cards during your End Phase.
  • If you roll a total of 7 while you control "Black Metal Dragon" and "Witch of the Black Forest", activate this card's Nuking effect to add "The Black Stone of Legend" and"Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" to your hand. Assuming you can do so, Summon "The Black Stone of Legend", use its effect to tribute it for "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" before tributing it in order to summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", and attack directly with both monsters and for an OTK(Since it's ATK will become 4200). It would be ideal if "Black Metal Dragon" and "Witch of the Black Forest" were Pendulum Summoned, because you might not be able to summon "The Black Stone of Legend" otherwise.
  • If you have "Darkness" in your hand and the sum of your dice rolls is 7, use this card's Monster Rebornesque effect to revive "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" and use it to Special Summon "Darkness".
  • Make sure you have "The Claw of Hermos" and at least one Dragon in your hand in case you do not get the most out of this card's effect, so that you can bestow "Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword" unto it.
  • If you roll a 6, activate "Oni-Gami Combo" for an 4200 ATK double-attacker, which could easily result in a OTK.
    • If you manage to roll 6 and 1, choose the effect that sends all cards on the field to the Graveyard, ensuring that your opponent won't be able to stop the attacks.

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