• A "Mecha Phantom Beast" Deck can also Summon this card, since it is possible to Xyz Summon Rank 10 monsters due to the Level-remodeling effect of the "Mecha Phantom Beast" monsters.
  • This card can be easily Xyz Summoned in a "Railway" Deck, since it is geared towards Level/Rank 10 monsters.
  • This card's effect is good against Pendulum-oriented Decks, since they will be banished, rather than destroyed.


 Japanese nameTypeRankATKDEF
Number 35: Ravenous TarantulaNo.35 ラベノス・タランチュラInsect1000
Number 84: Pain GainerNo.84 ペイン・ゲイナーInsect1100
Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos DragonCNo.92 偽骸虚龍 Heart-eartH Chaos DragonDragon1010000
Raidraptor - Ultimate FalconRR-アルティメット・ファルコンWinged Beast1035002000

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