• You can Xyz Summon this card easily in a "Hieratic" and "Constellar" Decks.
    • Considering that "Hieratic" Decks can Summon this card easily on the first turn, halving your opponent's Life Points at that time will definitely give you the immediate upper hand.
  • Use this card's effect during the turn you activated the effect of "Pot of Dichotomy", "Puppet Ritual", "Soul Exchange" so that skipping the Battle Phase will not be a huge problem, once it will occur anyway.
  • Because this card has no use for its last Xyz Material after you use its effect, you can use "Oni-Gami Combo". If this monster is equipped with a "Number" with 2800 or higher ATK, you can perform a OTK this way (Good choices are "Number 25: Force Focus" - a Rank 6 that can be summoned with the same strategy as "Atlandis" - and "Number 39: Utopia Beyond", a 3000 ATK Rank 6 Xyz that weakens enemy monsters upon summon and whose effect work with copies of itself in the grave).
  • You can use "Gale Dogra" to directly discard a "Number" from you Extra Deck instead of Summoning it and waiting it be destroyed.

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