Card Tips:Number 66: Master Key Beetle

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  • Use this card's effect with "Safe Zone" to prevent this card from being targeted by card effects or being destroyed.
    • Alternatively, you could target a monster your opponent controls with "Safe Zone". If this card would be destroyed, simply send the "Safe Zone" to the Graveyard instead to simultaneously destroy your opponent's monster.
  • Summon this card pretty easily by Normal Summoning any Level 4 DARK monster, then Special Summoning "Kagetokage" via its effect.
  • If you have two of this card on your side of the field, use their effects on each other so both cannot be destroyed by card effects.
  • Using this card's effect on "Vanity's Emptiness" will prevent its self-destruction effect.
  • Use with "Imperial Custom" in a Trap monster Deck. "Custom" makes Trap Monsters immune to destruction and this card protects "Custom"
    • Using "Tiki Curse" and "Tiki Soul" would allow to destroy your opponent's monsters, and protect your own Trap Monsters while doing so, making "Spirit Barrier" a nice choice, too.
  • Use this card's effect on monsters that would otherwise be the focus of your opponent's destruction effects and therefore not worth Summoning, like "Perfect Machine King", "Emes the Infinity", or other high-Level monsters.
  • This card works well in a "Gravekeeper's" Deck, as many of its members are Level 4 DARK monsters, while its effect can be used to prevent the destruction of "Necrovalley".
  • If you use this card's effect on "Number Wall", both cards can very well be immune to any type of destruction.
  • You can use this card's effect on "Stardust Spark Dragon", and use the effect of "Stardust Spark Dragon" on this card, then you will have 2 nearly indestructible monsters as long as they are face-up. Equip both with "Mist Body" to have a improvement on this combo.
  • You can circumvent the self-destruction effect of "Heart of Clear Water" by first setting it, then activating the effect of this card, targeting the set card. After that, you can then activate the Spell, equipping it to any monster of your choice.

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