Card Tips:Number 66: Master Key Beetle

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  • This card can be combined with "Safe Zone" to prevent this card from being targeted by card effects or being destroyed while "Safe Zone" is protected against destruction.
    • Alternatively, an opposing monster could be targeted with "Safe Zone". If this card would be destroyed, "Safe Zone" could be sent to the Graveyard instead to simultaneously destroy that monster.
  • This card can be combined with "Number Wall" and "Imperial Custom" in order to create a lock in which this card's effect is used to protect "Imperial Custom", while it protects "Number Wall", which in turn protects this card.
    • The combo with "Imperial Custom" can also be used in Decks that are centered around Trap Monsters.
  • This card can be equipped with "Mask of Brutality" in order to protect itself against its self-destruction effect, so that its Maintenance cost don't have to be paid.

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