• Use this card as last resort when your opponents have 1000 Life Points left. This can be effective against "Number C39: Utopia Ray" And "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", since they require the opponent to have lower than 1000 Life Points to use their main effects.
  • Combo this card with "Constellar Belt" and you can always use its effect without fail.
  • This can be used in a Burn Deck due to the fact that it forces your opponents to either have pay 1000 Life Points or have a certain monster destroyed. It is useful to choose a powerful monster to destroy.
  • When this card is in play, keep fueling it with Xyz Materials ("Overlay Regen", "Overlay Capture", "Overlay Eater", "Numbers Overlay Boost", and, to a degree, "Xyz Unit") so that you can keep putting pressure on your opponent. They would have to either let the monster be destroyed or lose large amounts of Life Points. Depending on what they choose could make or break the Duel.

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