• Level 4 monsters like "Dancing Fairy" allow yourself to gain LP frequently. When they are no longer to be used, they can Summon Rank 4 monsters like "Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk" that "Manipulator of Souls" that easily can be equipped with.
    • "Rhapsody in Berserk" is usually the best choice for a Rank 4 Summon in a "Manipulator" Deck, since it can be easily upgraded to its "Number C" form using the second effect of "Don Thousand's Throne". (The first effect is great for "Manipulator" itself.) "Rhapsody" and/or its "Number C" form also boost the ATK of "Manipulator".
  • "Tri-and-Guess" can (at the cost of revealing both players' Extra Decks) boost your Life Points and this card's ATK by 3000 as well as inflicting the same amount as damage to your opponent's Life Points if used successfully.
    • "Aegis of Gaia" can do the same, at the risk of potentially losing the 3000 gained LP later.
  • If there is a bent on abusing this card's LP effect, there will often be a tons of LP (much more than may needed). Cards that allow yourself to pay lots of LP can be used at their fullest potential, provided this card's effect is already abused, or there is a confident that it can survive long enough to do so.
  • Like its "Chaos" counterpart, "Manipulator" is extremely vulnerable on its own, and will usually require some backup to survive long enough for its effects to reach full potency. If one combines "Pixie Ring" with powerful support monsters your opponent will be unable to attack "Manipulator", which makes for useful protection given that this card has 0 ATK and DEF to start. Later, once "Manipulator" gains some ATK it can provide the same protection to other monsters.
    • "The Seal of Orichalcos" can also work, given that "Manipulator" will not be destroyed while it is equipped.
    • "Number Wall" can provide some protection if there is no "Number" to target for this card's equipping effect.


  • Level 2 DARK monsters:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
8-Claws Scorpion八つ手サソリEffect MonsterInsect300200
Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy魔界劇団-ダンディ・バイプレイヤーPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Ally SalvoA・ボムEffect MonsterMachine400300
Ally of Justice UnlimiterA・O・J アンリミッターEffect MonsterMachine600200
Apprentice Magician見習い魔術師Effect MonsterSpellcaster400800
Apprentice Piper見習い魔笛使いEffect MonsterFlip monsterSpellcaster1001500
Archfiend Mirror悪魔の鏡Normal MonsterFiend700600
Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain HiderA BF-雨隠れのサヨSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Winged Beast800100
Bacon SaverタスケルトンEffect MonsterZombie700600
The Bewitching Phantom Thief魅惑の怪盗Normal MonsterSpellcaster700700
Bite Shoes朱い靴Effect MonsterFlip monsterFiend500300
Blackwing - Blizzard the Far NorthBF-極北のブリザードEffect MonsterTuner monsterWinged Beast13000
Blackwing - Fane the Steel ChainBF-鉄鎖のフェーンEffect MonsterWinged Beast500800
Blackwing - Gust the BackblastBF-逆風のガストEffect MonsterWinged Beast9001400
Blackwing - Harmattan the DustBF-砂塵のハルマッタンEffect MonsterWinged Beast800800
Blackwing - Mistral the Silver ShieldBF-銀盾のミストラルEffect MonsterTuner monsterWinged Beast1001800
Bokoichi the Freightening Car魔貨物車両 ボコイチNormal MonsterMachine500500
Boo KooブークーNormal MonsterSpellcaster650500
Brain Jackerブレイン・ジャッカーEffect MonsterFlip monsterFiend200900
Caligo Claw CrowクロクロークロウEffect MonsterWinged Beast900600
Candle of Fate運命のろうそくNormal MonsterFiend600600
A Cat of Ill Omen不幸を告げる黒猫Effect MonsterFlip monsterBeast500300
Cherry InmatoプチトマボーEffect MonsterTuner monsterPlant700400
Chrysalis PantailC・パンテールEffect MonsterBeast800300
Clown Zombieマーダーサーカス・ゾンビNormal MonsterZombie13500
Cross Porterクロス・ポーターEffect MonsterWarrior400400
Curtain of the Dark Ones黒魔族のカーテンNormal MonsterSpellcaster600500
Cyber CommanderコマンダーNormal MonsterMachine750700
Cyber Ouroborosサイバー・ウロボロスEffect MonsterMachine100600
Cyber-Steinデビル・フランケンEffect MonsterMachine700500
D.D. Scout Plane異次元の偵察機Effect MonsterMachine8001200
D/D GhostDDゴーストEffect MonsterTuner monsterFiend600300
D/D Swirl SlimeDDスワラル・スライムEffect MonsterFiend200200
Damage Eaterダメージ・イーターEffect MonsterFiend100800
Dark Tinkerダーク・リペアラーEffect MonsterTuner monsterFiend10001300
Dark-Eyes Illusionistダーク・アイズ・イリュージョニストEffect MonsterFlip monsterSpellcaster01400
Destiny HERO - DepartedD-HERO ディパーテッドガイEffect MonsterWarrior10000
Dharma Cannon大砲だるまNormal MonsterMachine900500
Dimension Jarディメンション・ポッドEffect MonsterFlip monsterMachine200200
Doppelwarriorドッペル・ウォリアーEffect MonsterWarrior800800
Ebon Magician Curran黒魔導師クランEffect MonsterSpellcaster12000
Eidos the Underworld Squire冥帝従騎エイドスEffect MonsterSpellcaster8001000
Embryonic Beast未熟な悪魔Normal MonsterFiend500750
Evil HERO Infernal ProdigyE-HERO ヘル・ブラットEffect MonsterFiend300600
Fiend's Hand死者の腕Normal MonsterZombie600600
Fire Reaperファイヤー・デビルNormal MonsterZombie700500
Gagaga ChildガガガキッドEffect MonsterSpellcaster8001200
Gagaga SisterガガガシスターEffect MonsterSpellcaster200800
Genex Ally ChemistrerA・ジェネクス・ケミストリEffect MonsterTuner monsterMachine200500
Genex Ally SolidA・ジェネクス・ソリッドEffect MonsterMachine5001200
... further results (80 more)

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