• If you activate "Nightmare Archfiends" before using this card's effect you're sure to deal at least 3900 points of damage to your opponent.
    • "Ojama Trio" also works for this combo, albeit doing 2400 damage instead, but without needing a monster to be Tributed as a cost.
  • This card is useful if your opponent has powerhouse monsters in play, or cards that are essential to their tactics. By placing String Counters on monsters your opponent either has to get the monsters off the field, or risk the damage, either of which can disrupt an opponent's strategy
  • To ensure this monster remains on the field during your opponent's End Phase, use cards to protect it such as "Safe Zone".
  • Utilize "Mask of Restrict" to deny your opponent a means of getting their monsters off the field, thus increasing the damage done by this card's effect.

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