• This card can easily destroy "Light and Darkness Dragon". If "LaDD" is attacked by it and activate its effect to negate its own attack, "LaDD" will be forced to negate your effect, and have only 2300 ATK left, which is enough to destroy it by battle.
  • You can save an Xyz Material attached to this card once per turn if you use "Xyz Override", enabling you to negate additional attacks. This card when played alongside cards like "Rising Sun Slash" and "Light Wing Shield" can increase "Utopia's" ATK to devastating proportions.
  • After this card has no Xyz Materials attached, equip it with "Axe of Fools" to negate the second negative effect and give it 1000 ATK.
  • Negate your own attack using its effect then use "Double or Nothing!" to enable one of your monsters to attack with twice the power instead.
    • In fact, if this card negates two attacks from one of your own monster, two "Double or Nothings" can be used in a Chain and if the target monster has at least 2000 ATK, an OTK can be achieved.
    • This card's effect can also be used to negate its own attack, then use "Double or Nothing!" on it, attack again, then negate the attack again before using another "Double or Nothing!" on it. As "Utopia" itself has 2500 ATK, this should give yourself a 10,000 ATK "Utopia", enough for an OTK.
  • This card's effect can be used to prevent your monsters from being forced to attack.
  • Because this card is a LIGHT Attribute monster, "Honest" can be used if your opponent attacks it with a stronger monster, preventing yourself from wasting the Xyz Materials when using its own effect.
  • Normal Summon "Goblindbergh" or "Tin Goldfish", and then use its effect to Special Summon any Level 4 monster to easily Xyz Summon this card.
  • Due to its type and Attribute, this card could work very well in a beatdown strategy Deck, as it has a lot of support, where it can easily reach over 5000 ATK.
  • Use a monster that must be targeted for attacks to stall for when this card is out of Xyz Materials, or use two to shut the attacks down completely.
    • "Scarred Warrior" is a particularly good option, protecting "Utopia" from attacks (and by extent, its self-destruction effect), a decent enough 2100 ATK, and inability to die once per turn makes a good combo for preserving this card's Xyz Materials.
  • Use "Overlay Regen" with this card to block three attacks instead of two.
    • "Number 19: Freezadon" can further supplement "Utopia" by using its Xyz Materials via its effect along with "Utopia's", granting up to four negated attacks. Combine with the above strategy and "Utopia" will basically have five Xyz Materials at its disposal.

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