• "The Winged Dragon of Ra" has a lot of synergy with this card. Ra is a compatible Xyz Material for this card. Activating Ra's first effect would likely create a large difference between both players' life points. Having both monsters on the field at once and using both monsters' effects to boost Ra would result in ATK equivalent to the sum of both players' life points (as it were before Ra is normal summoned) -100.
  • This card can be summoned rather easily in a Mecha Phantom Beast deck. Once he is on the field his effect will power up the tokens that enabled his summoning to begin with and allowing for the spamming of free, battle capable tokens for as long as he is present. the tokens themselves can be rammed into larger monsters to create a Life deficit if it isn't already present.
  • Use this card in a Coin toss Deck. If your LP gets too low from calling your coin tosses wrong, this card will gain a tremendous boost in ATK and DEF, and so will your other Monsters. "Lucky Punch" will help immensely.
  • You can use cards like "Wall of Revealing Light", "Solemn Scolding" and others to drastically reduce your LP and provide your monster's a huge ATK boost. Then, if you manage to clear your opponent's field with this card's last effect and control another monster with original ATK points, you may potentially OTK your opponent with your other monster's sole direct attack.
    • By using the effect of "Pandemic Dragon" to weaken all of your opponent's monsters, you can reduce your Life Points to where this card's effect will boost the ATK of "Pandemic Dragon" high enough to defeat your opponent if they have a monster you can't get rid of with this card's effect. Keep in mind, however, that "Pandemic Dragon" will weaken all of your monsters, including this card, cancelling out the benefits of this strategy for them.
  • You can use "Enchanted Javelin" , "Draining Shield" or any other related cards to further increase the attack of all monsters you control.

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