To Xyz SummonEdit

  • This card could be Summoned in a "Hieratic" Deck that uses "Tri-Horned Dragon".
  • Two Level 7 "Dragon Ruler" monsters can be Special Summoned, and then Normal Summon "Darklon".
  • Two copies of "Schwarzschild Limit Dragon" can easily bring this card out (but your opponent must have a monster with 2000 or more ATK on the field).

To use its effect:Edit

  • After using this card's effect, "Curse of Fiend", "Final Attack Orders", "Labyrinth of Nightmare" or "Zero Gravity" can be used to change this card to Attack Position.
    • Also while in Defense Position, "Inverse Universe" can be used to make it a 4500 defender (better when attacked), if changed back to Attack Position to attack, its effect can be used again to change it back to Defense Position (DEF 4500).
    • "Gamushara" makes a good combo with this card, as your opponent's monster would ram to a 4500 ATK "Zombiestein", and if it is destroyed (which is very probable), besides the battle damage, damage will still be inflicted to your opponent equal to that monster's ATK.
    • Use "Savage Colosseum" with "Final Attack Orders" to force your opponent to ram this card.
    • Cards like "Waboku" or "Mist Body" can be used to protect this monster after it uses its effect and is changed to Defense Position.
  • "Number Wall" can easily protect this card while in Defense Position.

Other tipsEdit

  • Use the card "Oni-Gami Combo" in conjuction with this card, so that it can attack twice for 9000 damage.


  • Level 8 DARK monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
Abyss Actor - Evil Heel魔界劇団-デビル・ヒールPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Aeon Thunder Dragon雷劫龍-サンダー・ドラゴンEffect MonsterThunder28000
Ally of Justice Cosmic GatewayA・O・J コズミック・クローザーEffect MonsterMachine24001200
Ally of Justice Light GazerA・O・J ライト・ゲイザーSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorA・O・J サンダー・アーマーEffect MonsterMachine27002200
Amulet Dragon呪符竜Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror戦慄の凶皇-ジェネシス・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend30002000
Archfiend Empressヘル・エンプレス・デーモンEffect MonsterFiend29002100
Armament of the Lethal Lords武道神の甲冑Effect MonsterWarrior25002500
Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons魔王龍 ベエルゼSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Belial - Marquis of Darkness闇の侯爵ベリアルEffect MonsterFiend28002400
Berserk Dragonバーサーク・デッド・ドラゴンEffect MonsterZombie35000
The Big SaturnThe big SATURNEffect MonsterMachine28002200
Bird of Paradise Lost獄落鳥Effect MonsterTuner monsterWyrm27001500
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilightカオス・ソルジャー -宵闇の使者-Effect MonsterWarrior30002500
Black-Winged Dragonブラックフェザー・ドラゴンSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon玄翼竜 ブラック・フェザーSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Blackwing - Silverwind the AscendantBF-孤高のシルバー・ウィンドSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Winged Beast28002000
Blood Mefistブラッド・メフィストSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon青眼の混沌龍Ritual Monster
Effect Monster
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragonブルーアイズ・カオス・MAX・ドラゴンRitual Monster
Effect Monster
Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragonブレイブアイズ・ペンデュラム・ドラゴンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Buster Dragon破戒蛮竜-バスター・ドラゴンSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Caius the Mega Monarch怨邪帝ガイウスEffect MonsterFiend28001000
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End混沌帝龍 -終焉の使者-Effect MonsterDragon30002500
Chaos Emperor, the Armageddon Dragon終焉龍 カオス・エンペラーPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Chimeratech Fortress Dragonキメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Clear Vice Dragonクリアー・バイス・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDragon?0
Colossal Fighterギガンテック・ファイターSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Cosmo QueenコスモクイーンNormal MonsterSpellcaster29002450
Cracking Dragonクラッキング・ドラゴンEffect MonsterMachine30000
Cyberdark Dragon鎧黒竜-サイバー・ダーク・ドラゴンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
D/D Savant ThomasDD魔導賢者トーマスPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Cursed King SiegfriedDDD呪血王サイフリートSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Doom King ArmageddonDDD死偉王ヘル・アーマゲドンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Dragonbane King BeowulfDDD剋竜王ベオウルフFusion Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss RagnarokDDD壊薙王アビス・ラグナロクPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Danger! Bigfoot!Effect MonsterBeast30000
The Dark Creatorダーク・クリエイターEffect MonsterThunder23003000
Dark End Dragonダークエンド・ドラゴンSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Flattopダーク・フラット・トップSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Horusダーク・ホルス・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDragon30001800
Dark Magician of Chaos混沌の黒魔術師Effect MonsterSpellcaster28002600
Dark Magician the Dragon Knight竜騎士ブラック・マジシャンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Master - Zorc闇の支配者-ゾークRitual Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Necrofearダーク・ネクロフィアEffect MonsterFiend22002800
Dark Nephthysダーク・ネフティスEffect MonsterWinged Beast24001600
Dark Paladin超魔導剣士-ブラック・パラディンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Voltanisダーク・ボルテニスEffect MonsterFairy28001400
Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair闇黒の魔王ディアボロスEffect MonsterDragon30002000
... further results (113 more)