• This card works well in an Infernity Deck, since it lets you drop a card into your Grave, and prohibits your opponent from Summoning.
  • Use this card against "Drill Warrior" to prevent it from being Special Summoned during your opponent's next turn.
  • This card is best activated when you have "Dark Hole" or another means of destroying all of your opponent's monsters readily available, or when your opponent has 1 or less monsters on their field.
  • This card is ideal when you need to buy that extra time for your combos to work. Also, if your opponent attacks and has "Stardust Dragon" and you have a face-down "Mirror Force" he/she will have to choose, because "Stardust" will not be Special Summoned in the End Phase.

Traditional Format

  • Use this card with Cold Wave so your opponent is unable to Summon, or use Spell and Trap cards for their turn.

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