Card Tips:Noble Knight Drystan

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  • Keep in mind that this card's destruction effect is mandatory, so if your opponent controls no face-up cards, you will be forced to target 1 of your own.
  • Combo with "Noble Knight Medraut" that is equipped with a "Noble Arms" Equip Card that can re-equip after being destroyed:
    • Special Summon this card via the effect of "Medraut", then re-quip the destroyed "Noble Arms" card to this card. This will trigger its effect and destroy a face-up card on the field. This card will then serve to protect "Medraut" from attacks and targeting card effects. In the event this card leaves the field or is flipped face-down, you can re-equip the "Noble Arms" card(s) equipped to it back to "Medraut" for protection.
  • During your Battle Phase, if you control this card and another "Noble Knight" monster equipped with "Noble Arms - Caliburn" and "Noble Arms - Gallatin", attack with that other monster first. Afterwards, use a card like "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Double Cyclone", etc. to destroy 1 of those Equip Cards and re-equip to this monster. Then, use this card's effect to destroy the other Equip Card, in order to re-equip to this monster as well. This can help enable OTKs, inflicting a lot of damage at the very least.
    • Alternatively, use this card's effect to destroy an opponent's monster, or use the effect of "Noble Knight Bedwyr" to re-equip the first Equip Card.

Traditional Format

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