• Use "Swords at Dawn" to recover the "Noble Arms" Equip Spell Card sent to the Graveyard via this card's effect. Except for "Noble Arms - Excaliburn", the "Noble Arms" card will be able to re-equip itself after it's destroyed during the End Phase (assuming it wasn't destroyed during the same turn beforehand).
  • If "Noble Knight Medraut" is equipped with a fragile "Noble Arms" card (such as "Noble Arms - Excaliburn" or a "Noble Arms" card that has already used its recovery effect this turn) and there are few "Noble Arms" Equip Spell Cards in the Graveyard, this card is more ideal to Special Summon than "Noble Knight Borz" since its first effect can be used to supply another "Noble Arms" card, and both monsters can also subsequently be used for an Xyz Summon (preferably the Rank 4 "Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights").
  • This card's second effect is useful for setting up additional battle damage during the Battle Phase, especially when switching around "Noble Arms - Caliburn" or "Noble Arms - Gallatin". Ideally, the monster(s) that already have a "Noble Arms" ATK boost should attack first, before switching the Equip Card with the highest ATK boost to another monster that hasn't attacked yet.
    • If "Merlin" is in the Graveyard, this can be followed up by using its Xyz Summon Quick Effect on the two monsters that just attacked, to Summon an "Artorigus" Xyz Monster whose effect will re-equip the "Noble Arms" card(s) and who can then perform yet another ATK-boosted attack. This can result in a potential OTK.
  • This card's second effect can be useful against other "Noble Knight" Decks, potentially interfering with the opponent's plays.
  • This card's second effect combos well with the effect of "Noble Knight Drystan", especially during the opponent's turn.
  • Before this face-up card would leave the field without using its second effect yet, and there is a "Noble Arms - Gallatin" that has weakened another "Noble Knight" monster or a "Noble Arms of Destiny" that has protected another "Noble Knight" monster once this turn, that effect of "Bedwyr" can be used to re-equip that "Noble Arms" card to this card. After this card leaves the field, you can re-equip the Equip Spell Card (with its benefits restored) to another "Noble Knight" monster you control.

Traditional Format

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