• "Revival Gift" can help Summon "Nitro Warrior" and provide 2 Tokens it can attack to inflict damage.
  • "Ojama Trio" can be used with "Nitro Warrior" to inflict at least 3400 damage. "Stop Defense" and the like can be used on a token(s) to cause further damage.
  • Equip an equip card onto "Nitro Warrior" to raise its attack for both of its attacks, especially because activating the equip is a spell and grants its 1000 attack increase.
  • Normal Summon "Synchron Explorer" and Special Summon "Quickdraw Synchron" from the Graveyard, then Synchro Summon this monster.
  • Normal Summon "Marauding Captain" to Special Summon "Nitro Synchron". Then activate "Give and Take" to Special Summon "Weeping Idol" to the opponent's side of the field in Defense Mode, which can be used to Synchro Summon this card. "Weeping Idol" 0 ATK, meaning the opponent will take massive damage if "Nitro Warrior" destroys another monster first.
  • Discard "Dandylion" to Special Summon "Quickdraw Synchron", and use "Quickdraw" and the tokens from "Dandylion" to Synchro Summon "Nitro Warrior".
  • By using "The Secret of the Bandit" on this card, you will have the potential of dealing a large amount of battle damage plus discarding randomly two cards from your opponents hand in a single turn.
  • Once "Nitro Warrior" is on the field, a good strategy is to use "Fortress Warrior" to attack face-down monsters. This will leave them face-up due to its low ATK, and its effect prevents any Battle Damage that would more than likely occur.
  • One of the most effective ways to use this card is to have "Junk Gardna" on the field as well, allowing the player to switch battle positions as necessary to ensure maximum damage.
    • If "Armory Arm" is equipped to "Nitro Warrior", it can attack for 7600 damage if both attacks are successful.
  • Since "Nitro Warrior's" effect is triggered by ANY Spell Card, a deadly combo to use is to first use "Rush Recklessly" to give "Nitro Warrior" an instant 700 ATK point boost. This will, in turn, activate "Nitro Warrior's" effect, granting a 1000 ATK point boost, totaling his ATK Power at 4500 (2800 original + 1000 effect + 700 = 4500). Throw in a "Ego Boost" and you'll deal at least 2700 points of damage in one shot.
    • Or, on a similar note, you can use the above strategy but hold off on the "Ego Boost" until the second attack. There, as a Defensively played Monster generally has low Attack, you can cause some serious damage by throwing in "Ego Boost" when attacking the defense-turned-attack mode monster for some heavy damage.

Traditional Format only

  • "Cold Wave" can be used to grant this card the ATK boost and protect it from [[Spells and Traps until the end of your opponent's next End Phase.

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