• In a "Deskbot" Deck: Pendulum Summon "Deskbot 005" and "Deskbot 004". Either Normal Summon "Deskbot 001" or Special Summon it by its own effect; Synchro Summon a Level 5 monster, then use that monster and "Deskbot 005" to Synchro Summon this card.
    • The same can be achieved in a "Dinomist" Deck.
  • This card can be combined with "Diffusion Wave-Motion", in order to attack all opposing monsters and deplete the opponent's LP.
    • This combo is more effective if this card is backed by "Timegazer Magician" and "Stargazer Magician" in the Pendulum Zones, since they will prevent the opponent from activating Spell/Trap Cards during that Battle.
  • This card can be Synchro Summoned by using "Old Entity Hastorr": with a Level 3 non-Tuner monster on the field, Special Summon "Tuning Magician" with its own effect and Synchro Summon "Old Entity Hastorr". Pendulum Summon "Oafdragon Magician" and Synchro Summon this card, equipping "Hastorr" to an opponent's monster in the process. This combo can provide a substantial card advantage and momentum, since it will be possible to retrieve 2 cards (one by the effect of "Oafdragon" and another one by this card's) and also neutralize one of the opponent's monsters, which in turn will have its control switched once the equipped "Hastorr" is destroyed.

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