• The highest level "Ninja" monster is "Twilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun" with level 8. This monster as a tribute would allow for the highest possible summons with this card's effect. It can basically summon ANY Ninja from the deck.
  • You can tribute any Level 4 "Ninja" monster, to instantly summon a "Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo" or "Upstart Golden Ninja" to help start your combos.
  • If you are willing to use "Armed Ninja" and "Crimson Ninja", tributing a level 4 "Ninja" for this card will allow you to summon 4 of them. You can then use their effects to clear your opponent's back row and then either use them as Tributes or as Xyz Materials.
  • You can use this card to dodge traps and attacks, at the cost of tributing your monster for another one.
  • You can tribute any level 4 Ninja monster for another level 4 Ninja. This means you can trade out ninjas, dependent on what kind of effect or ninja you need. Ex. (Play 'Dupe')Tribute Masked Ninja Ebisu, special summon Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo, activate Hanzo's second effect. Then play another 'Dupe' -> tribute Hanzo -> Special summon Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke.
  • Using this card it is possible to swap between White Dragon Ninja and Black Dragon Ninja at will since both have the same level.
    • Summon White Dragon Ninja if any (or all) of your Spell/Trap cards are about to be destroyed.
    • Summon Black Dragon Ninja if your opponent controls a powerful monster and banish it with its effect..