• This card can help get monsters on the field for a Tribute Summon.
  • Since this card can Special Summon multiple face-down monsters, it can make for a rather one-sided "Needle Ceiling".
  • Always have three "Nimble Momonga" in your Deck to get the best out of its effect.
  • Use "Pot of Avarice" after two are in the Graveyard and one is left on your field to be able to Special Summon the two all over again. (And the 1000 Life Points gain when they are destroyed.)
  • Because you can Special Summon up to 2 "Nimble Momonga" with this card's effect, only Summon the amount that you need. If you plan on using one in a Synchro Summon or Tribute Summon, Summon both so that you will thin your Deck and have a Tribute. If you intend to allow the opponent to kill it in battle and do not care to thin the Deck by one card immediately, the second "Nimble Momonga" can Special Summon the third.
    • Usually, your best bet is to Special Summon both at once. If you draw the third before the second is in your hand, you cannot Special Summon it and it is almost a complete Dead Draw. Only Summoning one, however, will prevent both from being destroyed by "Dark Hole" and the like.

Traditional Format

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