• Use this card over "Mystical Space Typhoon" for the purpose of getting an opponent's face-down Spells and Traps out of the way. Whereas using "Mystical Space Typhoon" risks your opponent simply activating the card it targeted in response (thus wasting your card), this card's last effect prevents that.
    • In fact, this card can directly counter an opponent's Set "Mystical Space Typhoon".
  • One 'hole' in this card's last effect is that it only prevents the target from being Chained directly to this card. For example, if you activate "Night Beam" while your opponent has multiple face-down Spells/Traps, they can activate some other card in response to "Night Beam", then activate your "Night Beam's" target in response to that other card, to get its effect through.
    • At the least though, this will reduce the number of unknown cards your opponent has, and perhaps can disrupt your opponent's strategy by forcing them to use that other card earlier than they intended.

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